Definition: General Gift

A general gift is a gift in a will of an amount of a category of property in the estate of the testator. A general gift is one that does not require the transfer of a particular item or require that an item come from a particular source. Examples of general gifts include:

  • a gift of $1,0001;
  • a gift of “all of my furniture”;
  • a gift of “any three of my horses.”

General gifts are one of four categories of gifts in a will, the others being: specific gifts, demonstrative gifts, and gifts of the residue.

  1. This is a general gift, as opposed to a specific gift or demonstrative gift, because the source and identification of the funds is unspecified; the $1,000 is not required to be paid from any particular account or fund (demonstrative), and the gift need not consist of particular coins or bills (specific).