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Our fastest and most affordable way to get you answers to your legal questions is arranging to have an attorney at Smol Law give you a phone call. Smol Law is an independent law firm that exclusively provides legal assistance over the phone.

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If you need more than 15 minutes of help or prefer an in-person meeting, you can schedule a meeting with an attorney at Assemble Law Group .

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While we do not provide free legal advice over the phone or email, we are here to help with other questions. Send us an email at contact@wa‑, or use our contact form below. Each of these contact methods will reach the attorney authors of Washington Wills.

Please do not email or use the contact form to send us confidential, private, or sensitive information.

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If you cannot afford the cost of a phone consultation, we recommend contacting one of Washington State's legal organizations that provide free legal assistance:

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