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Our fastest and most affordable way to get you answers to your legal questions is arranging to have an attorney at Smol Law give you a phone call. Smol Law is an independent law firm that exclusively provides legal assistance over the phone.

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If you need more legal help than what can be covered in a 15-minute call, we recommend contacting your local bar association and asking for a referral to an attorney with the expertise you need.

Other Inquiries

While we at Washington Wills do not provide legal advice over email, we welcome you to get in touch with questions and comments about Washington Wills itself, including how we can improve the services and information on this website. Send us an email at contact@wa‑ or use our contact form below.

We may not be able to respond to emails or contact form submissions right away. Please do not email us or use the contact form to request legal assistance or to send us confidential, private, or sensitive information. If you need a lawyer's help, please use the phone scheduling link above or contact one of the free legal resources below.

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If you cannot afford the cost of a phone consultation, we recommend contacting one of Washington State's legal organizations that provide free legal assistance:

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